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Anakin’s Angel Interceptor   “Annie”   (Thai Pointed)   2008 - 2015

Sire: Chrisdon’s Onyx Dragon   “Drago”
Dam: Th.Ch. Amity’s Jelly Belly   “Sally”
Color: Gray & White with Brown Eye in Left and Blue Eye in Right
Date of Birth: 23 Apr. 08
Sex: Female
Breeder: Wasitt Hemwarapornchai / Anakin Siberians
Owner: Wasitt Hemwarapornchai / Anakin Siberians


RBJIS. Th.Ch. Anakin’s Christmas Eve   “Christmas”
BJIS. Anakin’s Champangne Supernova   “Champ”   (Thai Pointed)
BBISS. RBPIG. Th.Ch. Anakin’s Cigarettes And Alcohol   “Ciga”   (1 Reserve CACIB Pointed)
BIS. RBIS. BISS. Multi BLIS. BJIS. Int.Th.Phil. Grand Ch. Anakin’s Chasing Rainbows   “Chasing”
BJIS. Th.Ch. Anakin’s Gold Against The Soul   “G-Shock”
BBISS. BJIS. Th.Ch. Anakin’s Gravity Grave   “Grave”   (1 Reserve CACIB Pointed)
BJIS. Anakin’s Generation Terrorists  “GT”   (Vietnamese Pointed)