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Chasing and Mind Supasin at World Dog Show 2016 in Moscow, Russia. Got excellent and was selected dogs in first cut from 50 dogs entering in Champion Class Male, June 23, 2016

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Who we are   We have Siberian husky as a pet since 1999, in 2005 we have the first show dogs for the show and established our kennel in 2009. Anakin Siberians is Siberian Husky kennel based in Sainoi, Nonthaburi, Thailand, around 45 minutes from Bangkok (moved from Laksi, Bangkok since October 2010) We are members of The Kennel Club of Thailand (KCTH). Our Siberians are truly a part of our family. At Anakin Siberians, it’s not about mass-producing puppies, we’re not a commercial breeder. Temperament, healthy, quality and breed standard are most important. As breeder we tried to educate people who are interested in wanting a Siberian Husky as a family member, and seriously selected right new owners for ensuring that our dogs are placed in loving permanent homes.

We not have puppies or any dogs available for sale as a major business, but sometime will have for available. If you interested, please checked at available page in this website. Need appointment before come to visited our kennel and need information with reference for oversea inquiries.

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